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“Despite the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, our son passed his driving test, first time with PeLican in August 2020.
He knew always, that he could ask questions if he needed to, concerning either theory or practice, and felt comfortable with Tim, the qualified Instructor, who was patient, kind, and willing to explain in great detail, if required.
Additionally, PeLican provided an online training facility, to assist with study for the Theory and Hazard-Perception Test.
We wanted our son to pass his test , but realistically to be taught professionally, to drive in a safe and proper manner for everyday life, gaining confidence at his own pace, during lessons.
In pursuit of this, Tim ensured that tuition with PeLican included places and situations both inside and outside the local area.
We feel now, our son has the skills to become an accomplished driver in the future, whose confidence will increase further with time and experience.
‘Thank You’ to Tim – and PeLican!”
Gill and Paul, Orton Waterville, Peterborough

“I was told for many years that I would not be allowed to drive – and if I did – I would struggle.

Tim was my first Instructor, and right from my very first lesson, he helped me to feel at ease.

He adapted routines to work with my needs –  which are not an every day condition – but he did it well and remained patient with me.

He was professional always – and you can tell that he cares genuinely about his students, by helping them to achieve ‘the best they can be’.

I passed first-time, with 4 faults only, out of 15 allowed.

I cannot thank Tim and PeLican enough!”

Carrie, Peterborough

” ‘Thank you Tim’, for such engaging and fun-lessons. I enjoyed thoroughly, my time with PeLican.

Tim is a fantastic teacher whose calm manner and patience really helped to develop my confidence with driving, enabling me to pass my test, first-time.

‘Thanks again’ for everything. Definitely – I would recommend PeLican School of Motoring!”

Emily, Peterborough

“Both of my daughters were pupils at PeLican School of Motoring. My elder passed first-time, in May 2018, and her sister also, 16 months later.

Tim was a very patient teacher and instilled into both girls, during their lessons, the importance of driving safely, courteously, and confidently.

I am sure they will remember many of the valuable driving skills and useful tips which Tim taught them – and use this knowledge to become accomplished qualified drivers, as they gain more experience in the future.”

Lynda, Orton Brimbles, Peterborough

“A big ‘thankyou’ to Tim at PeLican School of Motoring, for helping me to become a confident driver, and achieve a first-time pass in my test!

You were encouraging and professional always – and your rhymes assisted me in remembering ‘Safety on the Roads’!

Thank you so much.”
Lauren, Peterborough

“Thank you to PeLican for enabling me to pass my driving test. Loved the MINI!

Your patience and thorough methods of teaching, made learning to drive less stressful than I imagined it would be.

Thanks again, Tim!”
Becca, Peterborough

“Tim is a very calm and patient instructor, who never raised his voice, never made me feel stupid and I was always at ease during lessons. He helped a lot with the theory preparation and was always prepared to go over things as many times as it took until I understood. Would recommend him every time, as he is very thorough with everything you need to know and always professional. Thanks, Tim, for helping me achieve a first-time pass!”
Katie, Peterborough

“I cannot fault PeLican School of Motoring. Every driving lesson was tailored to helping me become a good and safe driver. Tim is patient, encouraging and genuinely cares about his students. So pleased to have passed my driving test first time, I couldn’t have done it without his help. I would recommend PeLican School of Motoring to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”
Sammie, Orton Waterville, Peterborough

“Brilliant instructor, thank you Tim”
Tom Duffy, Market Deeping (first time pass)

” ‘Over the moon with the service!’
Tim was a brilliant Instructor.
‘Thank you for your help’, enabling me to achieve a first-time pass!”
Kristoffer Mckillop, Peterborough

“I recommend thoroughly, taking driving lessons with PeLican School of Motoring.
The Instructor, Tim Grace, displayed sound tuition skills that enabled me to succeed in passing my driving test.”
Tracy: Orton Longueville, Peterborough

“I had my driving lessons in Peterborough with PeLican and I passed my driving test, first time.
I couldn’t have done it without Tim’s help.
He is a really patient Instructor, who believed in me.
The lessons were fun, and we always managed to have a laugh!”
Aaron: South Bretton, Peterborough

“I had been taught by several Approved Driving Instructors, but never really achieved the required standard in all aspects of the syllabus, in order to pass my Practical Driving Test.
I contacted Tim Grace, proprietor of PeLican School of Motoring in Peterborough, a couple of months after failing a driving test, following tuition with another driving school.
Tim was really helpful, patient and supportive – always finding ways to enable me to refine my driving ability.
He sets a high standard and trains his students to achieve that quality in their driving.
I never felt we skipped anything……..whatever topic needed practice would be included in each lesson-plan, in order for me to improve.
I was amazed how my driving became much smoother in a short period of time – and I was more alert to danger too!
I feel so much more comfortable behind the steering-wheel now and well-prepared for whatever happens on the road in front of me!
I achieved a 5-fault pass with PeLican at my second attempt.
Great service and tuition at a good price! Already – I have recommended PeLican School of Motoring to two friends who are thinking about driving lessons, now that they have seen me driving solo!”
(Haydn: Gunthorpe, Peterborough)

Mr. A from the Orton Brimbles district of Peterborough, booked his first driving lesson with PeLican, three days after his 17th Birthday.
After further driving tuition with us, he went on to achieve a first-time pass in his driving test.

Mr. L of Werrington, Peterborough transferred to PeLican from another driving school. After more driving lessons with us, he succeeded in passing his driving test at the first attempt.
The Examiner commented “It was a Good Drive!”

Mr. R from the Ravensthorpe area of Peterborough contacted PeLican. He had been to another driving school two years earlier, but then stopped his tuition.
After booking some driving lessons with us, a first-time pass in his driving test was to help him with his job in the future.

Mr. C from the South Bretton district of Peterborough was keen to learn to drive. He booked driving lessons with PeLican, a month after his 17th Birthday.
He succeeded in passing his driving test at the first attempt.

Mr. D, also from South Bretton, came to PeLican from another driving school in Peterborough. After an assessment, and more driving lessons with us, he achieved a first-time pass in his driving test – on his 18th Birthday. It was the best-ever present he could have received!

Mr. T had taken driving lessons elsewhere, before moving to Dogsthorpe, Peterborough.
Following an assessment and some refresher driving lessons with PeLican, he passed his driving test, first time.

Mr. P from the Millfield area of Peterborough had been recommended to book driving lessons with PeLican, by a colleague, where he worked.
He found learning to drive particularly challenging, but went on to pass his driving test at the second attempt.

Miss R from the Central locality of Peterborough, came to PeLican shortly after her 17th Birthday.
In addition to her busy A-level schedule at school, she had weekly driving lessons with us.
A second-time pass in her driving test was to give her the full driving licence she would need for her chosen future career.

Miss K of Werrington, Peterborough booked driving lessons with PeLican, two weeks after her 17th Birthday.
She enjoyed learning a new skill and was very pleased to achieve a first-time pass in her driving test.


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